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Couple of comments about Mikes 5950 Preview.

Not trying to be a fanboy, so please don't take it this way.

1. You are comparing a Higher clocked nVida card to a not recent clocked 256MB version of the 9800. You should have at least clocked the 9800 to Base XT speeds for your comparison. (Overdrive is irrelavent for a straight comparison, IMO)

2. The 9800 Pro 256MB Still beats the 5950 in some PS 2.0 tests and with AA and AF on at those lower clockspeeds.... and the 9800 model you feature is $50 or so less, on Pricewatch.

3. The 9800 Pro 128 MB will get near the same scores. Now we're talking $200 less. (Not sure how a 128MB version of the 5900 would compare in your particular tests)

When you say "nVidia is getting competative again"... The $500 price tag, the AA quality, and some of the PS 2.0 performance... leads me to disagree, somewhat.

If nVidia adjusts their prices to a "comparative value"... then I could agree with you.


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