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Ya, I loved the unique levels. It seemed everyone had made a level and they were all great. What pissed me off though, was EVERYONE and their mother seemed to hack this game and it just made it crappy to play.
Yeah, this applies to several games out there I would have otherwise enjoyed. Pretty much turned me off MP altogether.

WRT the tentacle scene and some others I had seen Valve stated in an interview that coding the AI for that (to fit where they needed that thing in game) just proved to problematic at the time.

I personally was very disappointed in HL2, lol as everyone here knows, but enjoyed ep1. ep2 was much, much improved imho and am hoping Valve continues that trend with ep3 - or HL3, what ever they choose to release it as.

One thing that would be rather nice - a tidbit of reliable info regarding what year they plan on releasing it.
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