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Default Re: With 480's Updated Drivers?

Originally Posted by Bee_Dee_3_Dee View Post
Why didn't anyone tel me?

NVIDIA Announces GTX 580

We knew how excited you'd get?

Actually, I didn't know.
It's a predictable marketing strategy (their wording gives that away) to hold the pro Nvidia nay Sayer's from going to the other side right now as they scramble, in wake of the lack luster consumer response to the reviews of the selected card's they sent to the selected reviewers. The news is Cool, but going along with my previous post and after spending $650 on this card, I believe more benefit would come from waiting for a motherboard/CPU/Mem advancement from Intel other than a new GPU (if you have a 58xx or 4xx already). Nvidia's marketing strategies have always had a certain personality to them. Those that have been around for a while tend to be more patient with such, well... "news". IMHO.
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