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Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
I wanted to write "works fine for me on an E8400", but I just realized that it only just works without continuously dropping frames (vo gl which is supposed to be as fast as vo vdpau drops frames).
Please make sure that you are using latest svn (there have been improvements lately), that you use a decent compiler (I recommend gcc 4.4.3 or icc 11.1.069, to make sure I just tested gcc 3.4.6, and it is slower) and that you are compiling for x86_64 (32 bit mplayer drops frames for me).
If you are still seeing frame-drops (or if you need a fast solution), please test -lavdopts skiploopfilter=all (and please report if you see any difference in the decoded picture!).

For VDPAU, you have to use -lavdopts skipframe=nonref

Carl Eugen
So, using "-lavdopts skipframe=nonref", does that enable dropping frames, or what does that change?
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