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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Or 5850 CF for that matter. But that's what I'm talking about. Those expectation are unrealistic.
I really don't get why people assumed that the new nV cards will start a new generation of cards
Because they are almost a generation late in terms of time span...

Plus 1 GTX480 uses more power then 2 ATI's
Is hotter then 2 ATI's

I'm sorry but Nvidia has failed this time. (This is coming from a 5+ year Nvidia supporter in a row now.)

They will get back on top, but they need to really start working on getting Heat, and power down... and Fast.

ATI is probably almost done with there next generation GPU'S and now just going to wait another 6 months before releasing them.

Nvidia has not even begun to think about the next generation, and is in no position to do so as they already maxed out power and heat consumption.

It would be ok if all they had to do was work on getting a faster chip out with 512mb memory bus, and double the unified shaders. But that’s not on the drawing board yet, and can't be until they figure out how the hell they will cool and power the thing first.
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