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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
You're complete waste of time. It is you who has a HUGE problem to get it that ATI has the fastest card on the market. It is you who needs to read more GTX 480 reviews not me. Read one more time what I said:

Your link to 23, GTX295 Reviews/Benchmarks you posted on 01-21-2009 is completely irrelevant to the subject, even more so since I said myself in my first post this thread that the GTX295 was the fastest card on the market,also here.

I believe the subject here is HD 5870 vs GTX 480 buying decision. If the GTX 480 was on average faster than the HD 5970, I would get one as soon as available, don't know how many times I need to say it.

I already said that few times even few months ago when some NVIDIA shills and fanboys predicted that the GTX 480 is going to be 50% faster than the HD 5870. But I'm sure not going to downgrade to GTX 480, how hard is it for you to get it? If you don't see it as downgrade that is your problem. Actually not since you don't need to deal with it.

Right now my ONLY upgrade option if I wanted to go NVIDIA would be GTX 480 SLI = $1000 plus tax, for SLI. I might also need water cooling for the SLI about another $500 or at least new mobo in order to run the cards on slot 1 and 3, might even need both mobo and water-cooling. I also would not downgrade the mobo and the ASUS Rampage III is going to cost at least $400.

I don't care about your drivers SPECULATION about how faster the GTX 480 is going to get. I already did answer it here.

If the GTX 480 ever becomes worthy upgrade to my HD 5970 I sure will deal with it at that time.

If i did listen to all the fanboys SPECULATIONS how fast the GTX 480 is going to be and coming out just about every month since October last year, I would have never bought the HD 5970.
I'll try my best to explain the relevance part of past and present research that your not getting Heinz68t.

I will start by asking the following question.

How can you fail to see the obvious relevance of research?

Be it now or in the recent past. It is part of a process called, "Qualifying."

If you don't understand "Qualifying" then it simply means, proof that an individual is capable of coming up with the goods. And you're not helping yourself by using an argumentative tone Heinz68. You need to post some numbers.

In other words, if I have come up with the numbers in the past, like with the GTX295, maybe I have a better chance than you do, of coming up with the numbers for the GTX480.

It's as simple as that Heinz68.

So, would you please consider posting numbers?

(It involves the research you have done or have not done, yet.)

I have posted one chart in response to a request someone made. They claimed I couldn't find a single game where the end user would be playing a game smoothly at a given setting on the GTX480, and under the same settings, it wouldn't be playable with the HD5870 cards.

Note: They also said to, "Keep in mind that playable for me means averaging 60 FPS or close to it,which ensures that dips into the 20~30 FPS range are few and far between,which definitely doesn't qualify as smooth by any standard when a given card hits FPS values that low,especially in fast paced first person shooters." (Shadow001)

But I found one. Here (BattleForge DX11 1920 x 1200 - Maximum Quality - SSAO High).

I will post the 13, GTX480 Reviews/Benchmarks, that I have sometime today. You should collect some "ammo" too.

Thank you very much for all of your input Heinz68, I appreciate the time you have put into it.

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