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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by lee63 View Post
Blah blah blah same ole crap
Please post numbers.

Your HD5870 is #2 now?

But by how much?

Because HD5870 is only $79 cheaper (19%). Or maybe $100 cheaper (24%).

But no PhysX. No nV 3D.

Is the over all performance 10% less?

But, the performance at high resolution with 8X AA is 30% less?

Sounds to me like the price needs to be reduced more. And you could go CF for even less. And the reduced price is thanks to the GTX480 release. Right?

Doesn't that make you happy?

Because of the fact that owners of a single HD5870, should consider buying a second one now?

And they scale really well?

IDK So tell me in your opinion with numbers plz!

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