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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
Here's some numbers for you:

HD 5870: 188watts

GTX 480: 250watts

HD 5870: 86C max temp

GTX 480: 95C max temp

HD 5870: 3 or 6 monitors

GTX 480: 2 monitors

HD 5870: $399 MSRP

GTX 480: $499 MSRP

Performance is about 10-20% difference, but the HD 5870 has NONE of the drawbacks the GTX 480 has... like a big ass heatsink that will burn you if you touch it while the game is running.

Now, if you want to play fanboy, that's fine. Bear in mind that each card and company has its advantages.
Excellent Madpistol! Thanks!

And I don't want to play fanboy. I just want the facts, "Madpistol". (jk)

Thanks again I apreciate the numbers very much. If curious HD5870 fans see your numbers it should help them see it is time to go CF! w00t!

Peace! "Madpistol". (Please don't blow my head off.) (Oh, and is your safety on? Always check it first ppl.)
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