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Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post

3D is being done on ATI cards via a 3rd party program. Therefore, saying nvidia has 3D capabilities is a moot point.
Catalyst has just enabled 3D through shutter based tech right now in its drivers, the actual products that utilize it to its fullest extent are not out yet.

To use 3D with ATI right now, you have to use the iz3D polarized monitors, or something like the ELSA revelator glasses. The iz3D monitors are generally inferior 22" monitors that suffer from a lot of ghosting, while the ELSA revelator glasses have terrible support and drivers, which generally holds true for all the other current third party shutter based solutions. Plus there is no support for multimonitor 3D in these solutions.

The true 3D solution for ATI right now is Bit Cauldron's shutter glasses with emitter, which is not due out until the 2nd half of 2010: Even then it remains to be seen how well Bit Cauldron's solution will work with ATI cards and whether it will receive regular driver updates to work with the latest games and such.

There is no complete 3D ecosystem right now for 3D using ATI unlike NVIDIA's 3D Vision, which have support for the latest games and for the latest 3D displays, and is a solution that is easy to set up and only requires a quick driver update. Games have a 3D Profile, sort of like an SLI profile, and helps the game run better and look better in 3D.

GTX 480 for me, as I no longer have to make the tough decision of playing in 3D or playing DX11. I can do both now
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