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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
welcome to
THANK YOU! I love that I am not the only one.

I use to frequent the AMD Support Forums as a user. Intel came out with its Conroe processor and it owned AMD's Processor, back then I still was running a Athlon 4800+ Dual Core Processor Socket 939, DDR, nVidia Graphics. I had it in my sig on their site, several little Intel fan boys that were hardcore **** talkers of Intel even having Intel Avatars making fun of the Prescotts. Which was fine with AMD being as it was an AMD Support/ FAN SITE. They banned several people coming in posting benchmarks of Intel beating them, which isn't bad because again these people were bad mouthing exactly what they use to love and swear by. I am sure we can look and see many of these guys here posting how ATI is such a great fantastic card and when nvidia was on top those people had **** to with ATI. ATI took forever to come back to anywhere close to the top.

I don't give a rats ass how great their drivers are, they are not better then nvidias. I don't want to buy an ATI and I am tired of seeing the unfriendly competition. Post up your benchmarks but we don't need this "NVIDIA IS BETTER THEN ATI, or ATI IS BETTER THEN NVIDIA" bs. Discuss nVidia keep it towards nVidia because this is an NVIDIA FAN SITE, this is not BASH NVIDIA.

This entire forum is dedicated to the GF100 Series. Mike C posted they were hot, he didn't however say "These are hot, and they suck ass. He gave a well balanced review of what he thought, positives and negatives. These ATI guys have nothing good to say about nvidia, and all I am saying is these same guys are just hypocrits, because back when ATI was sucking ass, these guys was on nvidia's dick.
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