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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by Bee_Dee_3_Dee View Post
If you're a mod on nVNews with such an anti-constructive attitude I will be surprised.

And you have read this entire thread, and then make the comments about my post like you have? It makes no sense at all, lee63. I've contributed to its' becoming productive and fanboys from both side becoming more accepting of each other.

If you're a mod, then how do you feel about this thread so far?

1,000+ views and 100+ posts.

How information is starting to be posted and not just angry ppl's posts?

As a moderator are you not required to avoid adding to the potential of unproductive flaiming?

I'm not posting useless garbage as you claim I am Lee63.

For example:

"Because HD5870 is only $79 cheaper (19%). Or maybe $100 cheaper (24%)."

How is this useless garbage?

Are you really a Mod?

How can I find out?

How about if you help keep this thread stay on a productive course and help gather proof about facts and figures rather than putting in your negative thoughts.

Thank you lee63.
He is a mod dude.
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