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Default Re: Quadview possibe? (Quadro NVS 420)

Originally Posted by Xevious View Post
That doesn't matter as its not reading the EDID info.
I just did the following experiment:

1. Unplugged one LCD from the TH2G, resulting in no signals on the
TDMS lines.

2. Put a 2.2K resistor between Pin 14 (+5V) and Pin 16 (Hotplug
detect): every time I connect the resistor I can see that the
DDC clk and data lines are active (using an oscilloscope).
I assume the TH2G tries to acquire the EDID. (there are still
no signals on the TDMS lines).

3. Re-Plug the LCD - working

So I it looks like you are right and the TH2G won't generate signals
on the TDMS lines unless it gets a proper EDID through DDC.

You may ask Matrox support if they could supply a firmware that
addresses your problem.



P.S.: if you know how to operate a soldering iron, you can "easily"
create those DVI detectives on your own: the EDID is transfered
through DDC following the I2C EEPROM protocol. An 1K I2C EEPROM
(24C01) as needed for the EDID costs around $1, but programming it
with some fake EDID and connecting it to the DDC lines (4 times)
probably takes you a day or so :-)
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