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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

I think this entired thread can be summed up by anandtech's conclusion (or any other legitimate review site).

To wrap things up, let’s start with the obvious: NVIDIA has reclaimed their crown – they have the fastest single-GPU card. The GTX 480 is between 10 and 15% faster than the Radeon 5870 depending on the resolution, giving it a comfortable lead over AMD’s best single-GPU card.
Meanwhile let’s talk about the other factors: price, power, and noise. At $500 the GTX 480 is the world’s fastest single-GPU card, but it’s not a value proposition. The price gap between it and the Radeon 5870 is well above the current performance gap, but this has always been true about the high-end. Bigger than price though is the tradeoff for going with the GTX 480 and its much bigger GPU – it’s hotter, it’s noisier, and it’s more power hungry, all for 10-15% more performance. If you need the fastest thing you can get then the choice is clear, otherwise you’ll have some thinking to decide what you want and what you’re willing to live with in return.
I don't why people try to post one benchmark that proves one card is better than another. They trade swings, but on average the 480 GTX is 10-15% faster but something along the lines of 25-35% more expensive. It is also hotter.

I don't even see the need for such a card right now unless you have > 24" monitor. I'm just glad I bought the card I did for so little as I did. No one wins this round, GPU prices haven't improved. They've improved the performance, but also increased the price.
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