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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by Bee_Dee_3_Dee View Post

Gosh Lee63 I just came close to breaking my arm when I fell out of my chair laughing.

Where did you get that from. Your unbelievable talent at comedy you you have just demonstrated... it is simply superlative, dude. There are no other words to describe it. Other than Fall Out Of Your Chair With A Parachute For Safety When Lee63 Speaks Humor.

Its its just so so funny. When did learn you had it. And is it a good thing the chair struck my arm when I fell out of my chair... for my sore arm has probably saved me dieing a death from a heart attack from laughing continuously for so so long.

Your just a Master of Humor. Right Lee63?

Don't hide it. Because your simply the best most funniest of all the people to have ever posted on the Net. I've never heard anything like you before Lee63. Thank you for the entertainment... I'm forever in your dept. I luv you a million times over for the happiness you've brought to me today. Thank you thank you thank you Lee63.

Good...well laugh at this.
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