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Originally posted by Solomon
You have been a true nVidia user and knowing you now have tried another competitions product, hence the reason for asking the question. It's like asking a kid to eat his vegetables. He doesn't want to eat them because they look nasty but after eating them he tends to like it. I was curious to know your purchasing stand now knowing you tried another competitors card. No hidden messages, no hidden agenda. A simple honest question. I'm not the one who would crucify you if you go with ATi or go with nVidia or go with any card for that matter.

D. Solomon Jr.
I'm not a child you're asking to eat his vegetables, I'm a 43 yr. old college educated man. The more you talk the more you show of yourself and your real motives. I answered you politely the first time you asked and gave you my reasons. You are the one that is pushing. If you don't like to be shoved stop pushing.
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