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Thumbs up GeForce 480 GTX Antialiasing Image Quality

Just updated the "first look" article and wanted to share this information with you guys.


Did you know that differences between two images can be quantified and displayed? With The Compressonator, two images can be compared and their differences displayed. The tool has a zoom feature and differences can be intensified when they are difficult to identify.

Using one of my favorite antialiasing testing tools, FSAA Tester, a screenshot from each of the available antialiasing modes available on the GeForce GTX 480 was captured. Note that antialiasing was "forced" by selecting "Override any application setting" in the driver control panel.

An example of 16xQ antialiasing is provided below.

The Compressonator was then used to display their differences.

For example, the differences between 1x and 4x antialiasing are shown below.

Another example shows the differences between 4x and 16xQ antialiasing. In this comparison, the differences were difficult to see, so the intensity of the image was increased by 200%.

Antialiasing is a technique that gives edges a smoother-looking appearance. It is accomplished by comparing the color of adjacent pixels to the pixel that is being antialiased. The color of the pixel being antialiased may change as a result of the comparison.

The adjacent pixels that are compared are referred to as samples. The number of samples to use in the comparison, along with the sample pattern, will vary depending on the level of antialiasing being used.

The following screenshots can be used to conduct your own comparions with The Compressonator:

- 1x antialiasing
- 2x antialiasing
- 4x antialiasing
- 8x antialiasing
- 8xQ antialiasing
- 16x antialiasing
- 16xQ antialiasing
- 32x antialiasing

Have fun!
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