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Originally Posted by mklein49 View Post
I came on here today looking to see what I was doing wrong that I was unable to play back 1080p60 h264 encoded video. I just got a Panasonic HDC-TM700 which records h264 video at 1080p60 with a bit rate around 28mb/s. I was disappointed when the video did not play back smoothly using VDPAU. I would max out around 45 fps.

After scanning this thread, it looks like I don't have a problem but the hardware simply does not support what I was hoping to do. I tried decoding with software using a e8500 cpu and was unsucsesfull as well.
Try compiling a player from git:// Compared to MPlayer svn this has both superior VDPAU support and direct support for multithreaded decoding with FFmpeg-mt (see README). VDPAU performance is better than in svn (by how much depends on the exact setup), but if you only get 45 FPS with the svn driver then it probably won't improve so much as to reach 60. With a dual core chip like the e8500, threaded decoding with 2 threads should give a bit less than double performance compared to non-threaded.
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