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Default Red hat 9 Crashing

Alright, here i go
it seems like 30-40 minutes of using Red Hat 9 and it crashes... Monitor goes blank... but if i pick up my phone... there is still a connection. So i restart the computer and the BIOS gives me 3 short beeps.

my machine is:
AMD XP2100 (1.7GHz)
GeForce 3 TI200 128MB
40GB Maxtor HDD
DDR PC2700 512MB

I thought it may have been the video driver or the Video Card... I uninstalled the Drive IA32, the problem was still there. So i borrowed an AGP card from my Friend... still the same problem... So i am back to the original card waiting for suggestions.

If anyone has any ideas I am always open to suggestions
If you need more info, tell me what you need and i'll see what i can do.
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