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Originally posted by ChrisW
You don't have to grab a single frame
Well actually I think you would have to do so in order to have a close enough comparison to a screen grab to be worthwhile.

Help me out here folks, I'm stumbling through this thought process but I think you'll get jist of it...

How many frames a second are being displayed with an 85Hz monitor? Okay, now you need a high-speed lens that is fast enough to capture one of those single frames...otherwise you get a garbage image. Maybe you'd actually need to use a video recorder (and be in same sync as the monitor), record your monitor and then extract a single frame from your video for comparison. This would need to be a very high quality video camera though to result in an adequate comparison to the screen grab as well.

I'm sure that I'm wrong in some regards...thoughts? Sorry, this should be in another thread...
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