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Talking Re: Poll: Will Tygerwoody like Borderlands?

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
Borderlands is pretty good. It really feels like a mix of diablo loot and an FPS. If it didn't make me a bit motion sick after a while I might be able to get into it more. Not sure if Tygerwoody will like it or not but if I had to guess I'd say no. It's repetitive and everything respawns and travel times are long. Where is my scroll of town portal .

Torchlight is a good game IMO I put in 31 hours into it to finish it but you can still keep playing it forever I think. The only bad thing is it is a bit repetitive once you have seen all the types of dungeons. Each one is generated differently but overall they all feel and look the same.
Once you guys level up a little and finish some more missions, you will discover the teleportation system and Fast Travel will make your life much easier

The game is most fun with a group.
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