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Default Re: Poll: Will Tygerwoody like Borderlands?

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
Borderlands is pretty good. It really feels like a mix of diablo loot and an FPS. If it didn't make me a bit motion sick after a while I might be able to get into it more. Not sure if Tygerwoody will like it or not but if I had to guess I'd say no. It's repetitive and everything respawns and travel times are long. Where is my scroll of town portal .

Torchlight is a good game IMO I put in 31 hours into it to finish it but you can still keep playing it forever I think. The only bad thing is it is a bit repetitive once you have seen all the types of dungeons. Each one is generated differently but overall they all feel and look the same.
Mod it to change the FOV, the Default makes me sick also.
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