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Originally Posted by noko View Post
I decided to try Ubuntu again since my Win7 RC is running out, the official 9.10 version, I was surprised too in how it loaded everything except a 3d graphics driver. That took some effort on my part to load the 195.xx driver set over the 185 driver set incluced which was also not straight forward to load but was successful in the end. Thinking that the most powerful computing element in the machine, the GPU is kinda ignored! Should be allot easier. It did automatically detect my wireless adapter (ancient) and had no problem getting onto the internet.

Yes the loading time is GREAT! Even the shut down time is awesome plus the Software app has tons of stuff one can download and try out all for free. I might keep Linux this time around, my fourth try.
give 10.04 a try. you will be astounded by how much an improvement it is over 9.10
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