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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Not sure why everyone thinks they have to wait for 32/28nm to be able to do a 512 core part, a B1 revision on 40nm if done properly could do it with the same or even lower power draw. It's a big die, but that doesn't automatically mean it must run hot.
B1 will make some difference, but not a lot. It might just get them up to 750 mhz 512 shaders like they planned, but then thats only going to be ~10% faster than the GTX 480 is now. It will still be hot as it is now, if not hotter. 32nm was canned btw, have to wait for 28nm, which is a long way out, 2011 at the earliest looks like now.

So basically, if you're waiting for a real NV refresh, you're looking at about a year.
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