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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

I not really disappointed in nvidia ,because I done seen it comeing,because of the lateness and the hush hush on the benchmarks.I knew it would be hot and draw a lot of power and I knew they would need a big heat sink to keep it cool,so I knew it would be loud and because of not so many made the price would be high.I keep hearing $79 more then a HD5870,I don't know where he is getting that from but because of lack of product the GTX 480 will go up in price to around $600 or more just like the HD5970 has went up. .It is a fast card,if you can get pass all the other things,but I am tired of a loud computer.My three BFG GTX 280 OCX was fast but it did get loud when the fans went past 50%.I know the refrence design of the HD5870 can get louder then I wanted ,that why I went with the Gigabytes heatpipe and dual fan solution because it is quite and hardly ever hits 50c when stressing the card,and the fan just went to 23%.But i would'nt call the GTX 480 a flop because it is faster in most all games compared to a HD5870.I would have been consider a nvidia fan,that all I have really owned since the 9800pro.even tho I have bought a few ATI products when building computers for friends and family.The 9500pro ,2900XT,1950XT,HD4850 .I just think ATI has the best part out as of right now price wise,because you can shop around and useally find the HD5850 for $280 and two of them would be $560 and they are fast and overclock great.To me the HD5970 is to high,when two HD5850 will do around the same performance.I just don't look for nvidia to make a lot of the GTX 480 unless they do a respin and get it more effecient.Even the GTX 285 is getting harder to find and price has went up.It is a good time to sell your GTX 280 or GTX 285 ,I sold two of my GTX 280's and only lost $15 from what I paid for them.
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