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Post WeeklyTube Issue 30: PhysX video overview

metro2033 hybrid physx by tripkj

Metro 2033 title running flawlessly on HD 5850 + 8600GT (in PCI-Ex1 slot) Hybrid system with DX 11 and Advanced PhysX on.

Cryostasis TechDemo by arctic933

Cryostasis tech-demo on HD 5850 + 9800GT Hybrid PhysX system.

S2TV-2010-03-22.wmv by Bugbuster30

Graphics and basic physics demonstration of a new game engine called S2 Engine. Physics is based on PhysX SDK.

Physx Building test(latest) by DigitalDemolition

Some experiments with complex PhysX Destructibles in UDK. Gonna to be interesting to see community will use APEX Destrution when it'll come out (it's already linked with March UDK).

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