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Default problem after installation of 195.36.15

Greetings. I use FreeBSD 8.0 amd64 and my graphic card are 8800GTS.
I had 195.22 nvidia-driver installed from ports and some time ago i've decide to upgrade to 195.36.15
i've got archieve from and followed by README file to install drivers.
after that something happened to my linux emulation: every linux binary failes to start and crashes with segmentation fault, even bash. i tried to re-install drivers from ports and completely rebuild linux_base-f10 with all dependencies, but still no luck. i was watching videos on youtube with opera & adobe flash just before installation of 195.36.15, so emulation was working.

i'm not 100% sure it was caused by installation of drivers, but i haven't change or install anything else when it stopped working. could you please suggest something?
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