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Default Re: Bad Company 2 - CPU too slow?

Originally Posted by JohnDio View Post
A Q6600 but depends on your motherboard how much you'll be able to OC it. My E6600 was running fine at 3.51Ghz but my Q6600 isn't stable at 3.3Ghz (it is a G0 btw) no matter what (temperatures are fine, my 680i simply can't push it beyond 3.27Ghz).
from what i just saw on the evga site any Q6xxx will work, now to find one ... i can run my bus up to 460 stable on this board, so i'm hoping i can get a chip to do 450x8, but realistically i bet i''ll only be able to do 400x8 unless i get really lucky with the stepping.

Update: i found a Q6600 G0, should be here today or tommorow. i can't wait to see if the Q6600 @ 3 gig or so will beat my e8500 @ 4.05

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