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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Vardant View Post
This is now, after years of quad core CPU's being available for reasonable prices.

And you want me to believe, that somehow people will jump to 6 or more core cpu's in a matter of 2-3 years? Just forget about physics run solely on CPU already, it's dead. The future is either GPU only or a combination of CPU and a GPU, still with the GPU doing most of the work. Which PhysX already supports btw.

By the time everyone has 6 or more core CPU's, the min. for GPU physics is gonna be something much more faster than a 9600GT and you'll be right back at the beginning.

So no, the comparison is not just the cost, but it's cost, two sockets not being standard, people that upgrade GPU's much more often than CPU's and so on.

That chart isn't really representative as it most likely incorporates the entire PC market,and not the gamers or hardware enthusiats out there,who would be the users actually buying and playing those latest games,and pretty much all of them are using Quad core CPU's at least,and there's a lot to choose from at fairly low price points.

Heck,even my i7 920 cost me about 1/2 that one of my HD5970's did,and i got that sucker running at 4 Ghz with hypthreading enabled for an entire year now,and i'm only wating for Intel to release a 6 core/12 thread gulftown CPU that doesn't cost an arm and a leg,which is likely to happen in Q3 this year according to rumors.
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