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Default Re: A little disappointed in Nvidia

Here it is:

As had been though for some time now, due to a complete lack of roadmap updates, Globalfoundries today confirmed that they have ditched their 32-nm bulk HKMG process. Instead, Globalfoundries will move straight to their 28-nm HKMG process, which apparently will still enter volume production in 2H 2010. Globalfoundries does have a 32-nm process, but of the SOI+HKMG variety, that will be used for AMD's upcoming CPUs and APUs (CPU+GPU combination); the 32-nm SOI+HKMG process will enter volume production in 1H 2011.

The high performance 32nm SOI+HKMG process is still a go at global foundries.....It's the process that uses copper interconnects between transistors,hence the need for the SOI part(silicon on insulator),as copper isn't compatible with silicon without using an insulator in between.

The bulk 32 nm version,and the same goes for the 28nm version,still uses aluminum interconnects between the transistors which is compatible with silicon and doesn't require an insulator at all,and something that both Intel and AMD stopped using in their CPU's years ago.....Intel uses it's own variation of SOI with copper interconnects,while the SOI version that AMD uses was actually developed by IBM originally.
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