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Default Re: GeForce 480 GTX Antialiasing Image Quality

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
I noticed a pretty big difference between 4x and 8x, granted it wouldn't be as noticable in a game besides shimmering but that usually comes from shader aliasing which is what SSAA is best at getting rid of.

16x AA isn't all that impressive, but 32x, nice, really fixes the thin lines down the bottom.
This is what I use with my dual 8800GTXs @ 1680 x 1050. Only game that seems to not like the setting (that I happen to own) is Crysis. Every other game remains completely playable with max in-game settings and x32 SLi AA.

I am curious though- how does the GTX480's AA implementation compare to the 8800s? Are there any known articles that'd give a relatively decent comparison?
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