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Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
In what ways zoomy?
depending on your hardware, the boot time is amazing. my netbook boots in about 14 seconds. Also, the ease of hardware use is great too. i plugged in my vzw phone and it auto configured the connection for me. next, i plugged in my usb HP multi function printer and bam, it installed all the drivers (including the scanner) and it worked. no need to hit and install 130mb of drivers. next, the new theme adds a nice level of polish to an otherwise very ugly interface. face it - the brown sucked. next, the battery life has been great too, easily getting 6 hours or so of heavy usage. Also, flash doesnt run like crap anymore either. there are small interface changes that are welcome also..

lol - sorry for the rambling. its been a long morning.

EDIT - notice the new avatar Redeemed?
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