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Default Re: GT/GTS/GTX 4XX Mainstream

Well the strange thing about this card is that I was hesitant to run my games with high AA and AF. As soon as I gave my games at least 4x AA and 16AF, it ran better?

It really struck me odd, so I did a clean install and checked again once with no AA and AF and with AA and AF again. Running a game with AA and AF made the games perform a bit better. I really don't know how to explain it. With my previous setup, it would really dip in the low teens as far as framerate goes if I used AA or AF. I'll use Mass Effect 2 as an example. With my old setup at 2xAA and 16 AF, it would crawl to the point where I would have to literally turn it off in most cases. With the 5770, I use 8xAA (box) and 16AF, and the thing it still peaking at 60FPS and never dipping past 30. Holy crap.

I think I botched the previous installation, so I'm good to go now. Loving the better constant framerates and eye candy! The card will do for now as I really don't want to spend more than I did. If anything, I'll probably get another 5770 for crossfire when they drop again in price.
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