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Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
No current PureVideo (= NVIDIA VDPAU) hardware allows hardware accelerated decoding and presentation of (some) H264 1080p60 media files keeping A/V sync without dropping frames, no matter if you use MPlayer svn or the git fork (disclaimer: I do not know about GT240 and GF100, no test reports in this forum so far).
With your CPU (E8500), software decoding and presentation of typical H264 1080p60 camera recorded source is possible while keeping A/V sync without dropping frames using MPlayer svn and vo vdpau (if the vertical refresh rate of your screen is higher than 60Hz).
The git fork allows you to keep A/V sync with vo vdpau if the frame rate of your video is identical with the native vertical refresh rate of your screen (MPlayer svn drops frames in this case).

If you really used a thread called "mplayer vdpau" to report XBMC performance issues, I can't help you;-)

Carl Eugen
Sorry about that. The reason I mentioned it, was because the results I got with qvdaputest matched the performance within XBMC. So, I wanted to find out if there was a hardware solution for mplayer. I assumed if there was, the same would be true for XBMC.
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