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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Couple things here rollo, in metro 2033 you can turn on the advanced physics effect if you have a NV card or not. Probably runs a lot slower, but nonetheless.

Secondly, whats so great in the terminator video there? I see... a bunch of crap flying around, that doesn't interact. I see a smoke effect that could be done on a CPU... hell it could be done on a game from 2004. I see some wavy cloth in front of windows or doors that doesn't serve any purpose and has no reason to be a physics effect, it could be a static animated thing and no one could tell or would care. Kinda looks like a lot of fail to me, I wouldn't showcase anything with that. In fact, I bet I could dig up some non-physx games that have every one of those "advanced effects" in them, if I were so inclined.
NP- Metro 2033 is a very demanding game with a high end NVIDIA rig. It would be totally unplayable on an ATi system with the PhysX effects. (and the 3d Vision would be impossible)

Same deal onTerminator- won't run playable on ATi.

Whether it "could" is a moot point.
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