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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
All this arguing is great and all, hell, things were better when more fanboys were banned; I welcome those individuals to encourage another ban. Fact is though, Physx won't take off while it's a closed standard. Yes, the average CPU isn't ready for advanced physics processing but by the time all these stupid proprietary standards are left in the dust quad cores will be low end so physics might as well be done on the CPU since the GPU will still be the limiting factor for games in most cases.

Bring on the open standards already, if not, let people use their damn CPU to its potential, we'll have 8 cores on the desktop next year - hell, x86 server/workstations are already at 12 core.
Seriously, and while you're at it Nvidia, if people pay good money for an Nvidia card, they should be able to use it for whatever they see fit, regardless of the other components in their respective systems
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