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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
A: A bench designed on and for a GPU core doesn't run well on a CPU. If it were re-coded to work better on a CPU, it would probably be a closer match. It would still get beat of course, but it might be closer.

B: Its not about benchmarks like "fluid sim" which I'm guessing is fluidmark. Its about what is needed for physics in games. Yeah, a GTX 280 could crush a CPU in random physics benchmark #1, but, is anyone going to use that much power in a game? No. Do they need that much power? No. If they had that much power on every system could they even use it in games? I doubt it. My point was, its to the point where some CPU cores is going to be enough, and certainly in the future with 6-8 cores, you will have enough power on CPU cores.

3: Last time I checked, fluidmark wasn't a game. Last time I checked, no game has any effects even close to similar to what fluidmark has. So then, what does fluidmark have to do with games? Nothing. Its furmark, but for physics.

E: Your final point, is that devs are lazy and that is why physx doesn't use multicore hardly at all, right? So you're saying, devs are lazy, so they spend extra time coding for a feature (physx) that most people won't use, but they won't spend extra time coding for something that most people can use, i.e. multicore support. Is that right?

Edit: Upon further review, the thread you referenced at B3D seems to have everyone arguing against you, and you got banned for it. Not sure you wanted to bring that up in support of yourself...
A. While true, but at what kinda loss or how many cores. CPUs are not designed to be parallel.

B. Where did a GTX280 come from, I mentioned a 9600GT?

3. Granted Fluidmark isn't a game but it is a valid physics test.

E. All you gotta do is look at Metro 2033. They use PhysX just like many other games, but it is somehow the exception because mult cores work while it took longer for the game to come out? The Dev of Metro admit to working on it for 4 years and taking the time to ensure multi CPU cores work all the while threw dev, but yet other games are in dev for 2-3 years and only work with on CPU when using PhysX, that should tell you something alone. Nvidia has not changed the PhysX SDK, it is the same for consoles as it is for PCs, their is no difference.

As to your edit, my banned was for the GF100 poll thread, not the Physics thread and it ends on saturday.
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