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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
You do know Intel bought Havok right? Is it at all a surprise that it has not moved into the field of using the GPU for acceleration and that ATI/AMD are no longer relying on it as their alternative to Physx?

Havok has become just another example of the way it shouldn't be done. It's a massive shame that the two companies with the standards in place to move PC gaming forward were bought out by corperations only looking to use the standards to pimp their own products and reassure future market viability of the market segment they just so happen to have a near-monopoly on. It's like to a big car company buying out an emerging hydrogen car company and making hydrogen/petrol hybrid cars instead with a whole load of limitations to how and under what circumstances you can use the hydrogen capabilities of the car - like only being able to fill up with "brand x" hydrogen at the bowser .
Actually, Havok was bought up by Intel for the purpose of promoting Larrabee, but when Larrabe was canned pretty much all GPU based coding and support intel was working on for Havok was as well and they are doing zip, zilch, nadda to help ATI bring OCL GPU based support to the Havok API, which by the way, Intel is not charging a license fee for, they just are not doing anything with it until they can figure out how to enter the discrete GPU market again with something that can compete with ATI and Nvidia. Had they continued with Larrabee as it was, when it launched, it might have only been as good as a high entry lvlv to low mid range GPU based card from ATI or Nvidia.
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