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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Good way to dodge the question while feeling superior. Too bad everyone else can see through it and just thinks you're a douche dodging the question.
I'm not dodging any questions NP, just noting what the whole PhysX issue looks like to me.

1. Could PhysX effects be done on the CPU? Maybe, and they could for sure be done with ATi cards, but they're not. So is this really a question?

2. Is there some aspect of nearly every game produced that could be attacked to divert attention from the PhysX issue? Sure, there's no game that is perfect, so again there's nothing there to really answer.

3. Will PhysX ever "take off" being a proprietary standard? What's the difference? Once developers had time to implement, games started coming out every month or two. Starting with GRAW, then on to Mirror's Edge, PT Boats, Cryostasis, Sacred 2, Batman, Darkest of Days, Dark Void, Metro 2033. How many games has ATi pushed to market with GPU accelerated physics since they promised it back in X1900 days? Oh yeah- zero. Looks to me like whether PhysX is "taking off" or not, NVIDIA users get GPU accelerated physics, while ATi users get empty promises.

4. Can ATi users utilize driver hacks to get PhysX? Maybe. The driver hacks have never been QAd, we don't know if they give the same experience, work with every game, they do seem to be specific to old driver revisions, etc etc etc.. Not exactly what you would pick.

It's just like 3d NP. ATi likes to say "We'll have this, when somebody with some money does it for us!" but ATi users are left to post about why NVIDIAs version (that actually exists) isn't perfect and wonder if someone with some money will ever help them and ATi out.

That's why it's easier for me just to post a link to "the fox and the grapes" because most of ATi fans "points" boil down to the "fox and the grapes".
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