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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by noko View Post
Rollo, fermi is not strong enough by itself to run PhysX and the game Metro 2033? Must have a separate PhysX dedicated card? That is way beyond what most folks would do. Kinda cool but misses by a mile except for a niche market.

Developers will probably get tired of PhysX anyways and make their own physics routines using OpenCL or Direct Compute and pass it along, maybe a bullet game will finally come out. I am glad Nvidia is pushing PhysX and seeing developers use it, gives folks an option to have these effects if they want which is good. For me a single 260 card didn't do well with physX and rendering at the same time unless one degrades everything which made PhysX pointless.
1. Who knows? Why would I not use a dedicated PhysX card for higher framerates when I have plenty?

2. Hmmm. Developers will "get tired of PhysX"? Why would they when NVIDIA provides them with hardware and staff to implement it? Who's doing that for OpenCL?
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