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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
ATi isn't "prevalent in the market now" - they lost some of their second place desktop market share in Q4 2009.
ATI is prevalent in the market whether your little green stereoscopic blinders will allow you to see that or not. If you check Steam's hardware survey, the 4870 took over the DX10 spot from the 8800GTX, and the 5*** series cards have sold very well as is evident from these and other forums.

As for what devs "will" do, given that many games are still in development, and several have launched, I guess they don't care as much about it being proprietary as you do Xion.
Show me the money. Show me the list of games that either A) have launched or B) are going to launch, that use GPU PhysX. The last time someone showed this, it had about 15 games on it, half of which were second-rate titles.

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