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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Slytat View Post
And that's a good thing until you stop your own API from running on your own hardware. I'd like to see ATI do more as well and hopefully they will. There are still many aspects of GPU development where ATI are playing catch up tbh. I was very reluctant to switch back to ATI as my mainstay graphics platform but as I've said before, I've been pleasantly surprised so far.
I again agree with you. But concider this, ATI with 10.2 and.3 has already caused a problem where an Nvidia card is in a system for PhysX. Their CCC app will not open until the PhysX driver is turned off. Now if they can cause this, again, as I have asked here and on other sites, who would you blame in the future should an ATI driver update cause the PhysX driver to stop functioning properly to the point of artifacts in a game. Nvidia or ATI? It is for that reason Nvidia stopped it from working when an ATI card is is being used as they would be blamed by most people and THEY are the ones who would have to foot the bill to try and fix it. ATI might then try to se that as an excuss to claim Nvidia is sabatoaging their drivers.
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