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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Vardant View Post
We almost exclusively play DX based games. Is DX an open standard? Hardly.

No,but it's owned by microsoft,creators of the windows O/S,which without it,there would be no gaming on windows based PC's period,unless developers used OpenGL.....Microsoft have way more influence on the overall market that either ATI or Nvidia period.

And both ATI and Nvidia have to comply and fully support the DX10 and DX11 standard,as there's no optional features within either spec,or the ability to add extra graphics features as was the case up until the DX9 version.

So the only way to make either companies hardware look special,at least in marketing terms,is to promote features that have nothing to do with the DX specification in the first place,such as physics,Cuda on Nvidia's or Eyefinity from ATI's end.

In terms of features that affect the visual effects seen on screen,both companies have products that have to comply with the DX spec and look exactly the same once rendered on screen,so there's no product differenciation there apart from the actual performance of course,but seeing a pure DX11 application with no fallbacks to DX9 or DX10 is still a couple of years away anyhow.
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