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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
DirectX purpose is to standardize PC gaming on Windows platform which is exactly the opposite what NVIDIA is trying to accomplish with PsysX.

I wonder how long is NVIDIA going to be able to afford to convince developers to use PhysX.

Anyway the day PhysX will die is going to be big win for the consumers, well except for some who buy NVIDIA product ONLY.
Disagree. Is there a standard for multi monitors and spanning the res for gaming? No, but yet ATI brought it out to gamers anyways. Maybe MS will adoupt it for DX in an update or v12 maybe they wont. Does that make it any less legitiment for gamers? NO.

PhysX is the same. Right now, there is no STANDARD as you want to call it for having in game physics. look at all the options devs have. Physx, Havok, Bullet, ODE but yet none are part of DX. Maybe MS will add it, maybe it wont, doesn't make it any less legitiment. Just because Nvidia is doing all the legwork to get something that can add something to games for gamers doesn't make it worthless.
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