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Default Re: tearing with vdpau on multi-monitor setup

Originally Posted by swagger01 View Post
AGAIN how are people SUPPOSED TO USE THIS? PLEASE DON'T inflict this obscure hacker talk on REGULAR DESKTOP USERS. WE PAY YOU (through the purchase of NVIDIA hardware) to do all that stuff FOR US !!!!!

To the OP forget about this advice and use Windows to do your video playback. NVIDIA couldn't give a rats ass about us people who use Twinview and playback videos.
Kind of a rude way of putting it but there is an excellent point made here, it would take a very small amount of time for the nvidia developers to put this functionality in nvidia-settings and it would save a lot of users a huge amount of hassle. I'd call myself moderately to very experienced with linux and I couldn't get dual monitor sync working either.

I am asking politely if this option could be made easier to use in future :-)

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