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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
ATI is prevalent in the market whether your little green stereoscopic blinders will allow you to see that or not. If you check Steam's hardware survey, the 4870 took over the DX10 spot from the 8800GTX, and the 5*** series cards have sold very well as is evident from these and other forums.
You mean this STEAM survey, where ATi has 31% of the market and NVIDIA has 62% of the market? Where the Top 20 slots for DX10 cards break down NVIDIA-13, Ati- 5, Intel-2? Where the 48 series you say "took over" really trails the 9800/GTX 200 series they compete against? Where all the 5X series combined have barely sold more than the GTX260 alone?

You sure you want to point out the STEAM survey Xion? It really makes me happy when you do, pointing out lopsided statistics like the above would probably be trolling if I wasn't correcting your erroroneous info.

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post

Show me the money. Show me the list of games that either A) have launched or B) are going to launch, that use GPU PhysX. The last time someone showed this, it had about 15 games on it, half of which were second-rate titles.
Sure thing.

Here's the list of PhysX games:
Add Metro 2033 to that.

Now here's the list of ATi GPU accelerated games, which they have been promising to provide for their customers for four years:

Yep- ATi is the company of broken promises. What they do is say they'll give gamers features that gamers want, then they sit back and wait for someone else to do it for them. When their saviors don't arrive, they say "We support open standards!". I'd say NVIDIA is advancing the industry, and ATi is just teaching their customers about "bait and switch".

"We'll have GPU accelerated physics, buy our cards now, it's comin' soon!"

"We'll have great 3d gaming support, buy our cards now, it's comin' soon!"

"We'll have lots of great GPGPU apps, buy our cards now, it's comin' soon!"

I think ATi should check out this site:

I think ATi owners should check out this link:

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