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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by XMAN52373 View Post
While today, yes OGL is mostly professional, had they kept pace with MS and DX, more Devs would still be using it. JC still does and is the only one who still supports OGL standard.

And while DX is a standard, alot of what is in DX today is because of the design efforts of Nvidia and ATI. Both still come out with features and ideas not in DX that eventually end up being adopted/included into furture DX specs.

GPU based physics, expanded resolutions support, 3d support are all things that are being pushed by ATI and Nvidia and could very well end up in an update to DX11 or be apart of DX12. The point being, without these extra features they work hard to bring to us gamers, they would never get added to any APIs standard.

Guess what....John carmack isn't using OpenGL anymore in their latest ID tech 5 engine....The one they've been teasing gamers for the past 2 years with their Rage game,which will also run in consoles btw.

OpenGL served it's purpose when it supported a lot more features than DirectX did at the time,but now the roles are reversed on feature support,and the Mac and linux markets are too small to boother with when brand new games using new graphics engines,take 4~5 years to make at least.

I'm in agreement that ATI and Nvidia do develop technologies that ultimately get adopted within the DX specification,but guess what,it only sees widespread use amoung developers when it's actually part of the specification and both ATI and Nvidia have hardware/software support for it,and this applies to PhysX and 3D vision,which needs developer support right off the bat.....Eyefinity does not,as it's up to ATI's driver team to do all the work,not developers.

Remember the DX9 debate on SM 2.0,SM2.0b and SM3.0?,which the latter is what Nvidia was pushing hard at the time,and what happened there?....Yup,games only saw widespread use of SM3.0 when both ATI and Nvidia cards supported the feature in hardware,and offered good performance while doing those shader effects.

What makes you think it'll be any different with PhysX?
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