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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
Enough said in my first reply I'm not going to repeat myself.
Spoken like someone who has no answers. Free is better! Not always. Havok has not done thing one remotely close to what PhysX has done or even Cry Engine 1. All any dev who has used havok has done is to use repeating prescripted physics with very little reactionary realism to it, very boring. Hell, HL2 and eh grav gun is more impressive than what Havok has offered to date.

You also ignored the fact how ATI PROMISED GPU based physics solution with OpenCL and Haovk, yet here we are, OCL is here, Havok has been here and to date still just the one demo. Yawn, yet another broken promise from ATI, Atleast Nvidia IS doing and PUSHING GPU based physics and has answers for when other options become available. ATI has given lip service and nothing else, they are waiting on everyone else to do the hard work.

Also, I noticed you ignored the point of how ATI 10.2 and .3 drivers break their own CCC app if physx is loaded and running. Gee, I wonder if Nvidia had left it open and an ATI driver breaks physx driver who you would be blaming for that. I'm very confident it WOULDN'T be ATI.
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