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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by XMAN52373 View Post
You need to do a fact check, teh RAGE engine has 80% ported from the DOOM3 engine which is all OGL. And JC has made no public announcement about it being DX. The last statement about what they use was that its is OGL. Until someone can find and post a link to him qouting that it is now DX based and not OGL, it is OGL btw. Good luck by the way, all I have ever found are rumors, nothing concrete from JC himself.

Sounds like a challenge.....I'll see if i can dig up something

And SM3 was getting wide spread use and support way before ATI brought it to the public in the R5XX line. FC was the first game to use it. by the time teh R5XX line launched there were already more than 20 AA title games that used it, more if you wanna count all games. Try again please. The reason for that was because when the 6x00 series launched, Nvidia helped many a Dev add SM3 to the game code.

Not even close to the extent it did once both ATI and Nvidia supported the feature,which is pretty much the minimum requirement in every shipping game being released these days.

So that particular situation in the past resembles the support that GPU based physics is getting right now.....Basically only a few games are actually bothering with it at all,and the vast Majority are not,and support for it will only increase once both ATI and Nvidia support it,or even better yet,it'll be also integrated into a future DX version.

It's how it's been working for the past 15 years now when it comes to new feature support,so why would some people believe it'll be any different now is beyond me.
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