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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Sounds like a challenge.....I'll see if i can dig up something

Not even close to the extent it did once both ATI and Nvidia supported the feature,which is pretty much the minimum requirement in every shipping game being released these days.

So that particular situation in the past resembles the support that GPU based physics is getting right now.....Basically only a few games are actually bothering with it at all,and the vast Majority are not,and support for it will only increase once both ATI and Nvidia support it,or even better yet,it'll be also integrated into a future DX version.

It's how it's been working for the past 15 years now when it comes to new feature support,so why would some people believe it'll be any different now is beyond me.
Actaully it is. For those 2 years BEFORE ATI had their own SM3 based card, who do you think the Devs were using for the SM3 support. Sure as hell wasn't ATI. I like how you and other ATI defenders seem to think that once a feature is finially support by both parties it somehow magicly gets huge support. In the time from R520 to R600, teh games that launched with SM3 weren't using ATI cards for the Dev support on it.
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