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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by XMAN52373 View Post
Actaully it is. For those 2 years BEFORE ATI had their own SM3 based card, who do you think the Devs were using for the SM3 support. Sure as hell wasn't ATI. I like how you and other ATI defenders seem to think that once a feature is finially support by both parties it somehow magicly gets huge support. In the time from R520 to R600, teh games that launched with SM3 weren't using ATI cards for the Dev support on it.

My point still stands that while developers were using Nvidia cards to test and implement SM3 in their games,since Nvidia supported the feature first,the number of games that landed on retail shelves with SM3 support was much smaller than it was once both companies supported the feature.

Even john Carmack himself stated that he hated having to make choices in what features to support when GPU's from both compaines didn't support the same features,as it made game development a bigger pain in the ass than it had to be,and it was the reason why Microsoft did what it did starting with DX10.

All features are mandatory to support it hardware,and there's no possibility to support extra features beyond the DX10 spec,and the same goes for DX10.1,and of course DX11 as well....

Here's a question for you?....Don't you find it funny that features like 3D vision or GPU physics or Cuda or Eyefinity or stream,only started to really being developed after the DX10 specification was released a little over 3 years ago,and made it mandatory to support the same features on all graphics cards,from all makers,therefore there's nothing special to be gained on that front from GPU makers anymore,in order to make their cards "Special" in marketing terms,and all these features above have nothing to do with the DX standard.

I do find it histerical really....Just me though.
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